First first post!

Welcome to the not-exactly-official new and (possibly) improved Jess’ Blog! I’ve decided since the art thing didn’t work out, I’m just gonna write and post random stuff when I feel like it. Much more flexible and I don’t have to care if anyone reads it or not XD

I might as well start with a rant on nachos, which I happen to be eating right now.

Who was the crazy guy who invented nachos, anyways? What exactly prompted him to take chips and coat them with cheese? Who invented cheese? You know what I really can’t stand? Processed cheese. That stuff is friggin’ ridiculous, I don’t really get why people even bother eating that disgusting stuff. I mean, let’s think about this for a second here:

  1. It tastes disgusting.
  2. The texture is pretty disgusting too.
  3. Some of it can’t even be labeled as “cheese” (I sound like some kind of cheese puritan XD)
  4. Did I forget to mention it’s gross?

I have a little experience with processed cheese. You know how they always put processed cheese on cheeseburgers in fast food restaurants? Well, one day roughly 4 years ago, I ordered a junior bacon cheeseburger from Wendy’s (since I loathe McD’s with every fiber of my being). I opened it up and took the bun off because I always give the tomatoes to my mom, right? Well, when I looked under my bun, I wasn’t greeted with anything that looked like cheese.

This is a description of the pathetic excuse for my second-favourite animal by-product gone wrong: stuck to the inside of the bun was an orange-yellow substance with the consistency of ketchup and the taste of processed cheese. Stuck to the patty was a layer of tasteless, orange-yellow plastic.

Unfortunately that was picked up via drive-thru and I didn’t find out about my, er, “cheese food” until after we got home, so I scraped the stuff off my burger and ate it. I think it was an okay burger, I don’t really remember because all fake (that’s what I call “fast”) food tastes the same to me. Though I really do prefer good, old-fashioned, hand-made patties made with real ground beef cooked on a real barbecue.

Well, that’s my tangent for the day, going from what I thought would be nachos, to cheese and hamburgers πŸ˜› I’ll probably write another rant sometime tonight so I won’t say goodbye yet πŸ˜‰

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