This post might be 13+… whatever

A strange thought hit me on Friday.

I was planning on starting this post with the part that relates to the topic, but instead I’ve decided to go off on a tangent for a bit so I can give people a chance to turn away if they don’t feel like reading my thoughts on contraception stats.

I have a funny story to tell. Okay, not funny, but if you feel like wasting time or whatever might as well read this.

So, last summer I got 30 volunteer hours helping out at an art camp, right? And of course, we record the volunteer hours we get on sheets of paper. Well, for the last 6 months, I’ve had no idea what the whereabouts of that paper of mine was. I’d been secretly combing my room for months hoping it’d turn up, but it never did. I hit the point where I’d actually waste 2-3 hours of sleep silently panicking that I’d lost those 30 hours of my life. The fact that we have to complete at least 20 hours as part of our Careers summative wasn’t helping my panicking at all.

Well, I finally broke it to my mom today that I’d lost that sheet. Obviously, she got pretty mad at me.


I swear, somehow, telling my mom that I’d lost my sheet made it magically teleport back into my room. Or it took off its invisibility cloak. Or it got back from a covert mission involving retrieving stolen diamonds in Russia, then cracking down on drug dealers in Columbia. Or something.

Anyways, I checked behind my cushion/bed/thing that I usually lay on when I’m on my laptop (like right now), and there was my volunteer sheet, all 30 hours still scrawled there.

And that was my lesson for today. ALRIGHT, THE POINT.

I need people to be mature for a minute, because I’m gonna touch on a silly topic that somehow induces giggling in people such as myself: sex, or, more narrowed, contraception. I can’t help but wonder how exactly “they” get statistics for things like the Pill being 99.7% effective, condoms being 99.9% effective, etc. (I’m pretty sure I made up those numbers… if I actually remembered those that means I paid attention in sex ed O.o)

Who’s crazy enough to come up with these stats, anyways? I can’t help but wonder what who these people are, and more importantly, how reliable they are. What’s their research technique?… actually, forget I asked that, the “You shouldn’t be interested, you should be afraid” alarm just went off in my head.

Well, that’s my ironic story and random thought-that-happened-yesterday for today. I want more Creme Eggs for more poetic inspiration.

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