Operating System fanatics are weird

I dunno, I find this whole Windows-Mac-Linux fanboy rivalry thing kind of weird. Maybe it’s because the whole idea that everyone should just freaking get along is an idea that I’ve had since I figured out I could think for myself.

For the technologically unknowing, you’re probably using Windows XP/Vista/7. And that’s fine, I’m chill with Windows. There’s a lot of software for Windows, but the abundance of viruses kind of sucks. There’s also two other operating systems other than Windows out there:

1) Mac OS X: it’s even glossier than Windows. Dunno if it’s really faster or better or anything, but the smaller proportion of viruses is kind of nice. For some reason it’s considered gay by some people, but I could care less, I’m chill with Macs too. Even if the machines are ridiculously overpriced compared to what they’re actually worth and Apple is kind of a corporate a- okay, let’s go to Linux.

2) Linux: Linux users enjoy bragging about how they don’t need antivirus because there’s practically no viruses for Linux. There’s also practically no good programs. Thought I’d just point that out. Even though I’m still chill with Linux. And considering Linux is open-source, someone with a lot of free time could search for something ridiculously exploitable at any time. But usually Linux users have a clue what they’re doing so maybe that exploit wouldn’t get around. Who knows.

It’s not that I’m biased for Windows, I’m just biased against everything. Is this even a rant? I dunno, I’m not really in a rant-y mood. Just thought I’d spill my thoughts on operating system fanatics. I’m not all “Windows 7 4 life” or anything, I just don’t really care what anyone thinks makes their OS so much better than everyone else’s. Fanatics bug me.

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