[MUSIC] Top 7 this week

Ooooh, guess who’s actually turning that thing I said I’d turn into a weekly thing last week into a real thing this week?.. did that sentence even make any sense? XD

Well, here’s 7 songs I’ve been enjoying this week and want to share. Note they’re not in any particular order or ranking, I don’t really think songs that are in totally different genres can really be compared.

1) Man 2 Man – ZE:A/Children of Empire (Okay, this 9-member band got off with a bit of a rocky start with Mazeltov (crazy thing was catchy but made no freaking sense), but the “Leap for Detonation” single shows that they know where they went wrong and are going to fix it)

2) Tokyo Boy – D-NA/Dae Guk Num Ah (these guys are a pretty new band, but they’ve got some surprising vocal talent and a good sound, I really hope these guys can hit it big)

3) Cheng Yao – Show Luo (This is my first Chinese Pop song ever, and daaaang, Alan “Show” Luo has talent, I wanna check out more C-pop XD)

4) TTL (Time to Love) – T-ara and Supernova (I’m only listening to this a lot because I’m working on a techno remix of the song that I might post later. I’ve let people hear my piano remix but believe me, this techno version I’m coming up with is way more awesome ;))

5) The Toronto Song – The Arrogant Worms (These guys must be the musical pride of Canada. Aside from Mes Aieux. And maybe Nickelback. Well, these guys are a lot funnier than both those bands combined, so who am I kidding?)

6) Nobody – Wondergirls (One day I just randomly felt the need to return to my roots, as the Wondergirls were the very band that got me into K-pop. Even though it was Tell Me that was my first song, I still find Nobody so cute. The English version can burn in a fire. Hopefully a blue one, I like blue flames, they look kinda like the colour lightning makes.)

7) Octopus’s Garden – The Beatles (Kinda random, eh? I dunno, I was just sort of in a Beatles-y mood a while ago and the first song that got stuck in my head was this one).

Now to get to that Careers project I just managed to put off for an additional ten minutes.

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