[Random] I’ve decided to write a dictionary of Jess

For some reason I feel compelled to write a dictionary on the various euphemisms I use. I’ll slowly update this post as I pay more attention to my own speech and notice things I say orally that don’t pop up when I type stuff.

“It’s all good” or “(Don’t worry) it’s kay” – I forgive you

“[insert sentence with heavy sarcasm here], eh!” – Whatever I just said, I really meant the complete opposite.
Example: “That music class with Mr. Smith was sooooo exciting, eh!”

Referring to myself in third person – either I’m trying to be cute or emphasize my point in a strange way.

“Egads!” – OHMIGOSH! or HOLY CRAP!

“Good for you.” – No one cares (assuming I’m saying this with a sarcastic undertone, if not, then I actually mean it).

I’ll add more as it comes, I haven’t exactly been studying my own speech patterns lately XD

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