this post is from the future.

greetings people of earth date april 16, 2010. my name is torios suleos, and i’m from 2116. using an antique tweetergramming machine i stole from a museum, i’m able to hack into my great-great-great-great grandma’s blog and send this post from the present to the past. when i come from, the dictatorship of the world is going great. when i come from, there’s no such thing as the “united states of america,” we call that south canada. and all of those countries on the so-called continent of “south america” are referred to as “south-south canada.” oh, and as a note, we don’t use caps in the future anymore. when great-great-great-great grandma conquered the world, she decided caps would be against the law. they made the alphabet too redundant and complicated anyways. oh snap, it’s the fuzz. be right back, gottttt 4 241t3 133h130vsaksd;ljkwbee

alright, survived the conflict. should probably stop now, it’s hard typing on antique tweetergramming machines. all hail jess!

… Pretending to be from the future is kinda fun. 😀

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