[Random] Another Random Thought for the Night

I was staring at the blog’s sidebars when I noticed something random.

Why do diagonal lines look so much cooler than horizontal and vertical ones?

Well, I guess that doesn’t really apply to clothing, I only really find horizontal lines appealing on clothing…

Speaking of clothing, I had random inspiration for a costume a while ago. I might as well put it here so I don’t forget it… okay, and so people can read about it too, but mostly because I don’t want to forget it: I have this white fedora with gray (DIAGONAL!) stripes, so what I wanna do is get a white suit jacket, white dress pants and some light gray dress shirt and be all like “I’M AN INVERTED BLUES BROTHER. I’M A BLUES SISTA!” But wait, what would I do for footwear? Black doesn’t go with the ensemble and white gets dirty easily… gray shoes sound kinda weird though O.o Not to mention I’d have to wear matching socks… ew >.>

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