Random Opinion on Korean Boy Bands

I was just listening to “Jiggy” by F.Cuz and “Bad Girl” by B2ST when a thought struck me.

Not enough Korean boy bands are going with the cute, up-beat style anymore. (Well, if there are, I certainly am deaf/blind XD)

Both F.Cuz and B2ST had absolutely adorable singles and outfits in their debut – F.Cuz with their crazy colours, while B2ST had a more mature, monotone look but their sound still made me want to get up and dance. Their music was catchy and a little repetitive, but the good kind of repetitive, so it’s not like you’d regret getting the song stuck in your head or something, because the songs were enjoyable.

Now I’m not really saying that they suck or anything now (well, actually, I don’t really like B2ST’s Shock of the New Era, but that’s beside the point), it’s just that the the cuteness from the beginning was just so much more enjoyable. I like wanting to get up and dance. While SHOCK and No One are pretty okay, they’re just not Jiggy and Bad Girl, y’know? I mean, look how cute F.Cuz was: (that guy in the middle isn’t from F.Cuz, not really sure who he is to be honest XD)

And now:

While I do admit the darker, more mature look is pretty damn smexy, there’s just not as much personality to it since everyone’s doing it.

Example A – SHINee:

Example B – U-Kiss:

Example C – MBlaq:

Example D – Shinhwa (yes, I know they’re disbanded, but still, this was the look during their 7th and 8th albums so this counts!):

So, yeah, that’s sorta my spiel for today. I want more cutesy boy bands. The end.

PS: I’m calling this sub-section “Opinions” because “Reviews” makes it sound like I’m trying to sell my opinion like fact. I really don’t mind people thinking I’m wrong, considering I (surprisingly) can be XD

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