Updated Poem, Top 5 random things

I’m getting too excited for the band trip to New York (WHICH IS IN THREE DAYS, HOLY MOLY), so I’m writing a random post.

I’ve updated the post with that weird clam-jellyfish-poem, you can read it again here.

And for this week, since I don’t feel like waiting another 2 days for a top 7 songs this week, I’m doing a “Top 5 Things for this Week” post to satisfy my need for a top-whatever thing.

So, the Top 5 Things for the week:

1) Fruit: fruit rocks. People should be eating more pineapple and grapefruit.

2) Opposable thumbs: let’s all stop thinking, talking, typing, etc. and take a minute to appreciate our opposable thumbs. Really, think about how hard it would be to pick up a book, play video games, and fire bazookas if we didn’t have thumbs!

3) Latin: nothing like smart-sounding proverbs to make people… sound smart. Notice that the first proverb on Wikiquote is Canada’s motto? 😉 Acta est fabula.

4) Haiku:
Haikus are so cool.
Sometimes I like to write them.
But not all the time.

5) Sweaters: I never really realized how much more secure I feel when I’m wearing my sweater. Not that I don’t have another sweater, because I do, it’s just one of those types that is a pain to put on and take off because it doesn’t zip up, I have to pull it over my head, and that’s not something you really should wear during spring…

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