Dang, posted this a minute too late

Wait, it is time for my randomly selected 7 songs of the week, right? Ah well, not like I’ll have time to do this tomorrow so I might as well do it now 😉

1) Truth – Arashi: I just started watching Maou, and I already thought the song was awesome, but Maou’s intro just caused the awesomeness of Truth to increase substantially.

2) The Phantom of the Opera: it has taken me… 3 or 4 months to figure out what the lines “I am the mask you wear/It’s me they hear” meant. Somehow it becomes easier to appreciate the work put into a song when you actually understand the lyrics.

3) Revolution – The Beatles: I dunno, this just sorta jumped out at me as I stared at my iTunes library trying to think of more songs to put here.

4) Dreams Come True – 4minute: this song is a refreshing break from 4minute’s (almost annoying) synth-pop style, taking a more rock-y mood instead. Not to mention their actual vocal talent can actually be heard in this song. It’s pretty good, it’s not really easy to get stuck in your head, but it would be nice if 4minute kept this style going.

5) Piano Man – Billy Joel: I like how this song tells a story and maintains coherence. Billy Joel’s pretty dang awesome too; writing his own songs, singing them and playing the piano…

6) Feel Your Breeze – V6: bah, I’m tired, suddenly I’m feeling too lazy to actually write a description for this… bah, who am I kidding? Those of you who have seen Gokusen will know this song and acknowledge the catchy-ness of it. But it is a nice song; V6 is an interesting band.

7) Perfect Man – Shinhwa: God, I LOVE the intro  to this song. The perfect manipulation of stereo sounds and beautiful opening vocals literally send shivers down my spine. Unfortunately I tend to stop caring about the rest of the song and only listen to the first 7 seconds, but the rest of the song is okay too XD

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