Well, just had a math chapter test today so not only am I extremely physically tired from getting less than 6 hours of sleep a day for a week, I’m also mentally tired from that test XD And in my tiredness, I have strange thoughts coupled with a short attention span, so as soon as I felt this on a whim I decided to calculate roughly how many blades of grass I think there are on earth. My result:

3.97173332 * 1018

Judging by something I read Yahoo this number might be a few billion over the actual number, but here’s my thought process over the five minutes I came up with that number:

Surface of the Earth (land only): 148,940,000 km2

Roughly one-third of the Earth is covered in desert, so assuming grass doesn’t grow on that, that leaves 99 293 333 km2 for grass.

Assuming there’s 4 blades of grass per cm2, then there’ll be roughly 40 000 000 000 blades of grass per km2. (I have a feeling I might’ve gotten too many zeros there, but I’m too lazy to bother with that XD)

(4 * 1010) * 99 293 333 = 3.97173332 * 1018

This is how I got my number. Revel in its largeness.

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