Top 10 of the… last 2, 3 weeks?

Alright, before I go on about the top 10 songs I’ve been listening to for a while, I’d just like to point out something that drives me nuts every time I watch 4minute’s “MUZIK” MV (not that I watch it anymore, but this did catch my eye the third time I watched it):

Feel free to mute this if you can’t stand the massive amount of synthesizing. Anyways, watch carefully; at 0:53, Jiyoon (the sunglasses girl) starts singing/rapping her opening lines, right? Why the heck is Sohyun (the girl on Jiyoon’s right) mouthing the lyrics? I mean, it’d make sense if she was mouthing them during some live performance just to keep track of the lyrics, but seriously, in an official music video? Are Cube’s directors really that sloppy? Do I ask a lot of rhetorical questions?

Anyways, top 10 this generic period of time, still not in any particular order:

1. Jumon-MIROTIC (Chinese ver.): Tong Vfang Xin Qi, DBSK, Tohoshinki, pick a name. Even though the Korean version of Mirotic will stay dominant as my favorite, I find the Chinese version pretty enjoyable XD

2. NU ABO: f(x). I’m only adding this here to point out how godawful it is. Seriously. I tried listening to the first minute of the song, then gave up. I tried again a few minutes later, this time with the second minute of the song. Still not working out for me. Where did the good, not-so-synthy stuff like LaChaTa and You Are My Destiny go? ;.; What the heck happened to f(x)’s decent looks, anyways? They look like wannabe punks or something.

3. Sarangeun Eoptda/There is no Love: Gummy. I’d never heard of Gummy before this, and I thought her stage name was a little odd so I skipped over her at first, and that was a pretty big mistake since I had no idea what I was missing out on. Gummy’s vocals are pretty dang awesome and convincing, though I found it a little weird having this Cascada-esque instrumental thing going on 😉

4.Telephone: Lady GaGa feat. Beyonce. I dunno, I find this song alarmingly good and catchy. Maybe it’s those telephones ringing in the background that somehow gives the song some extra charm…

5. Samurai: Tackey and Tsubasa. Something about this song just screams at me “GO. FIGHT. WIN!”

6. Under my Skin: Sarah Connor. (This song’s rated 18+ by Jess because it does have some slight, er, innuendo… who am I kidding, this is pretty damn blatant compared to DBSK’s.) Sarah Connor had actually purchased the rights to Jumon-MIROTIC, hence why the songs nearly sound the same. I dunno, maybe because Mirotic is practically like a drug to me, I found this song pretty good too… except for the bridge, it was kind of boring, but I like how the chorus in Sarah Connor’s version has the melody of DBSK’s bridge. But too much of a good thing can ruin it sometimes.

7. As a Man: Gummy. You know, it’s weird, usually I find solo artists dull, but Gummy’s somehow stolen my heart. The music video for this did too, it’s really touching ;.;

8. MUZIK (Japanese ver.): 4minute. Hm, never knew they planned on debuting in Japan. To be honest, I think I like the Japanese version MUZIK more than the Korean one, but there are some parts that could use some fixing (ie: the transitions between Gayoon’s Japanese lines and the original Korean “Party tonight” line feel kinda disconnected, not to mention the borrowed parts from the Korean MUZIK sounded kinda “been there, done that”). I like Hyuna’s rap in this a lot more too, it’s like they took they already abundant energy and doubled it. No, wait, they squared it. CUBED IT.

9. Haengbok/Happiness: Super Junior. I really wanted to run and hug my brothers, the sheer overflowing happiness radiating from the song and MV was almost too much for my heart to handle ❤ I’d just like to take advantage of my SuJu-high and scream to the internets:


10. I Don’t Care Remix (Unplugged ver.): 2NE1. Give me a minute, I need to listen to this again. I recommend you do too.

Seriously, you can’t listen to this and not appreciate the awesome change to acoustic instruments, the FRICKIN’ AWESOME live vocals… and the fact that a great song just somehow got better. I don’t feel like I’m appropriately capturing my incredulity with my words, so I’ll just stop here and command everyone to listen to the song again.

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