Thought of the week is about BIRDS

Well, yesterday was Mother’s day, so my mom wanted to go out for a walk with the family (minus daddy, who got whisked off to Germany because of work >.<) and then stop by a restaurant. As we were walking by some Anglican church and retirement home, I was watching the robins and grackles as they randomly took off and landed, and noticed a little pattern in their method of landing, which has lead to the question:

Do birds think like right-handed people?

See, I noticed while we were walking that every time the birds would spread their wings and tail feathers out for a landing, they ALWAYS turned to the right to slow down. Now, I’m no avian psychoanalyst or something, but that little pattern’s gotta mean something, right? I could write my thesis on this in university… wait, I refuse to endure another year of biology and think psychology is illogical madness since there’s no numbers involved, maybe that’s a bad idea for me XD Ah well, maybe I can suggest that to someone studying as a vet or something someday.

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