Top 7 Time

Alright, let’s see if I can get away with randomly poking around my music library and finding songs no one’s heard of… just kidding, I’ve done some actual research XD

1. Bonamana – Super Junior. It’s kind of a watered-down, less memorable version of Sorry Sorry, but “Bonamana” (what does that even mean? XD) is still pretty enjoyable. I’d like to point out the sheer awesomeness of the lighting effects used in the music video.

2. Snake Dance – Jay Chou. I’m starting to look a little more into Chinese pop lately, and Jay Chou has definitely helped to pave the way, this song is really awesome: the blending of traditional Chinese instruments with modern synth sounds is pretty funky. The overlaying rap/vocals in the chorus are pretty addicting too, even if you can’t understand a word of it πŸ˜€
(Sidenote: the melody in the chorus is sung by “Lara” from “Nan Quan Mama”… time to check out another band!)

3.U-Go-Girl – Lee Hyori. I dunno, I kind of find the male vocals a little more entertaining than Hyori’s, but it’s not a bad song πŸ˜› A Hyori song I actually enjoyed that’s got a little more of her is “Toc Toc Toc.”

4. Day by Day – As One. This is a really, really sweet R&B ballad. It’s from As One’s first album, and frankly I’m pretty surprised I’d never heard of this duo until I was digging around random websites. Their most recent single “Break Up” is a nice ballad too, but it’s kind of depressing, so watch out XD

5. HOT – 1TYM. 1TYM’s style has a little more rap than my ears can usually handle, but this song’s chorus and overall funny-feeling energy have kept me hooked. (It sounds like they’re saying “Hot to go” XD)

6. Shake It – Big Bang. While I’m still on a rap/hip-hop high from 1TYM, I managed to (GASP) enjoy a Big Bang song other than Haru Haru πŸ˜€ I’m feeling lazy so I’ll just say this song’s funky and leave it at that (I wrote #7 in advance because I felt like it).

7. Kua Shi Dai – Jay Chou. If you’re a Linkin Park fan, you’ll definitely like this. Not only is the choreography and motif of the video awesome (and unfortunately I can’t find the full version, but you can watch the teaser here), the song perfectly compliments the darkness. Chou’s voice has been pretty processed but he still sounds great, and the piano… oh, I could faint over that piano XD

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