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I’ve decided I’m gonna start keeping track of my dreams through this blog. Why? Because of this theory MK and I have come up with:

I, or all of us, are two people: by day, one person, and at night while dreaming, another. Maybe we’re all linked to some alternative-us in some other dimension. And that must be a weird dimension, considering I keep dying and somehow keep coming back XD

Anyways, the first dream I would like to record in this blog:

I was in some kind of hotel place, and it was really dark. I was stumbling around a few hallways, trying to get my bearings, and suddenly I found myself outside.

There was a playground, and four kids waiting for me, all of them smiling. I remember I could feel myself smiling as I ran towards them, and they ran towards me and we started playing together – guess I was some kind of babysitter or something.

Then my memory comes short, don’t remember what happened, but suddenly I was in this dark, blue brick room surrounded by all these big men in suits. I’m not really sure what they were talking about, I just remember being scared and being ordered around…

Then, total deja vu. I found myself at the playground again, but this time, the 4 kids weren’t smiling and the atmosphere was much, much darker. As I approached them, one of them shouted something (I don’t remember what, but I think it was something along the lines of me not caring about them) and took out a knife. I took a few more steps forward and the kids all took off in different directions. I targeted the knife-kid and as I was running, I was pleading with him to stop.

As I was chasing the knife-kid, I tripped and fell into the sand. But as hard as I tried, I couldn’t stand up. Suddenly, I felt this sharp pain in the back of my head – the knife-kid was cutting my head in half, but the knife wasn’t in deep enough to actually slice apart my skull. Then, without warning, the kid plunged the knife as far as it would go into my head…

The I woke up with this ridiculous headache XD It dissipated after 5 minutes or so, but it does kind of amaze me how painful it was to get stabbed in the back of the head… O.o

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