I need to write this down before I forget

Well, I’m about to go to sleep because I’m pretty frickin’ sick of writing stupid essays (see my rant on why IAs are stupid here), buuut I don’t wanna leave this negative tone going, it’s totally going to mess up the heartwarming-ness of this post…

So, yeah, I had a bit of a crappy day today in terms of buses, missed my bus in the morning (turns out it was diabolically early or something – gonna show up at the stop waaaay earlier tomorrow :P) and no bus showed up for us in the afternoon. Well, I didn’t feel like waiting for the 124 to get to Blair like most people were doing, so I took off for a nice walk in the sunshine – it was a rather lovely day today. (I probably looked weird to onlookers, running around to smell every lilac tree I got close to – ah well, not like I‘m afraid of being judged XD)

Eventually I stop by a bus stop to check the time, think I was in front of Lester B. or something, and thank my luck, the 12 bus showed up with the big beautiful word “BLAIR” on it, so I hopped on. Of course, I’ve always taken the 124, so I wasn’t sure where the 12 would go, I just knew I’d end up at Blair station…

Well, bus 12 weaves around in a little neighborhood called Jasmine Hill or something, sitting right between Ogilvie and the Queensway. As the bus was making its rounds, I kept looking around because I kept getting these pangs of familiarity but I wasn’t really sure why.

So, when I got home, I asked my parents what our address was back when we lived in Gloucester during… 1996-2000 or something. I just remember I was in grade 1 when we moved back to Halifax… ANYWAYS, I checked the bus route on Google Maps and the address of our old house…

And lo and behold, turns out that bus was going through my old neighborhood. Heck, it even went past my old street, which unfortunately I wouldn’t have noticed since it would’ve showed up on my left at the time and I was sitting on the right side of the bus πŸ˜› Regardless, going through my old neighborhood definitely made my day. Funny how things can change… I think I found the basic geography of the place familiar, but stuff’s been rebuilt since I moved – like this park my dad used to take my brothers and I to, I think that got totally rebuilt, I don’t remember it being nearly as obnoxiously colourful XD

Well, that’s my cute little heartwarming story, which I am going to keep recorded here so I can look back on it in a few years and go “aaaaw.” Just a moment in my life I don’t really wanna forget later. Hope it made you smile too πŸ™‚

<Edit> Heh, been looking at my old house in Google maps… I still remember this apple tree we had in our back yard, and mom used to make stuff out of the apples… sigh, back when I used to be able to eat raw apples :/ Heh, I still remember I thought we had this ginormous forest in our back yard that would stretch on for ever, but I was afraid of going to explore because there was this huge spider (well, it was huge to little me XD), and now I see that forest really doesn’t stretch all that far πŸ˜›

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