32-second Macbe- no, Acbethmay!

I’ve decided since it would be dreadfully time-consuming to try translating Romeo and Juliet or something into piglatin, I’ve translated the 32-second Macbeth skit into piglatin.

Witches: Airfay isway oulfay andway oulfay isway airfay
Duncan: Atwhay oodyblay anmay isway atthay?
Witch #2: Away umdray, away umdray! Acbethmay othday omecay
Macbeth: Osay oulfay andway airfay away ayday Iway avehay otnay eensay
Witch #3: Allway ailhay, Acbethmay, outhay altshay ebay ingkay ereafterhay!
Macbeth: Ifway ancechay illway avehay emay ingkay, enthay ancechay illway owncray emay
Lady Macbeth: Unsexway emay erehay
Macbeth: Ifway itway ereway oneday enwhay ‘istay oneday
Lady Macbeth: Ewscray ouryay ouragecay otay ethay ickingstay aceplay
Macbeth: Isway isthay away aggerday atthay Iway eesay eforebay emay? [Duncan dies]
Lady Macbeth: Away ittlelay aterway earsclay usway ofway isthay eedday.
Banquo: Yflay, oodgay Eanceflay, yflay! [Banquo dies]
Macbeth: Oodblay illway avehay oodblay
Witches: Oubleday, oubleday, oiltay andway oubletray
Macduff’s Son: Ehay ashay illkay’day emay, othermay! [Macduff’s Son dies]
Macduff: Eedblay, eedblay, oorpay ountrycay!
Lady Macbeth: Outway amn’d’day otspay! [Lady Macbeth dies]
Macbeth: Outway, outway, iefbray andlecay!
Macduff: Urntay, ellhay-oundhay, urntay!
Macbeth: Aylay onway Acduffmay! [Macbeth dies]
Macduff: Ailhay, ingkay ofway Otlandscay!

Well, this is definitely the hi- actually, it’s not the highlight of my day, the highlight of my day was when somehow the awkward sex scene in Et Si C’Était Vrai somehow got brought up while we were reading Macbeth in English class and Teah explained “the guy was having sex with a ghost” and Ms Douglas was just sorta like O_O while those of us who just had French were laughing 😛

That, and when Mme Rhéaume was trying to explain that sex scene to people who didn’t get it using an osmosis metaphor… that made my day XD

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