Teachers really are out to get us.

I’m pretty sure it’s summative time everywhere, so I’m sure everyone will understand me when I scream:


Seriously. They aaaall claimed they were trying to stagger their due dates for the summatives in accordance with other teachers… for 2, maybe 3 of my classes, that was the case: French was overwith at the the beginning of the month, Math a week ago, and suddenly everything else has managed to pile up. English tomorrow (I’m gonna die), Careers on Tuesday, History on Friday/midnight on Sunday, turns out another part of Science was today (how on God’s earth did I not notice the big “SOMMATIF” at the top of the sheet? O.o), and if that Music project counts… yeah… and the Tech, but I don’t really mind that, the only major thing I’ve got left is the Premier Elements part.

On another note, I’ve been spending so much time procrastinating I’ve learned some very valuable skills which have nothing to do with school. I can hex edit Pokemon now πŸ˜€

Well, guess I should get back to work on my Macbeth PowerPoint, I’ve gotta get some clips from the movie while I’m at it…

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