This will probably be my longest rant ever because I intend to be as detailed as possible this time. And, uh, for the faint of heart, I’m kind of massively angered to the point that I really want to swear, so uh… this is your warning to turn back now.

I had a bit of a rocky start to my day, and Science just sort of kept adding to that stress, and here I am now releasing all this freaking negative energy that has built up over the day. I missed the bus and thought I’d barely made it on time- buuut then turns out if I’d arrived 2 minutes earlier, I wouldn’t have been marked absent. I blame this guy who took his sweet time putting his bike on the front of the bus when I was trying to take the 95X down to the Montreal/Queensway stop as fast as possible and run to school from there. But noooooo. Then, when it came time for the school’s 40th anniversary assembly, Cote decides to fuck with us and keep my class in for an additional 10, 15 minutes or so to talk to us about the IA (on the day that it’s due >.>) because apparently we’re all doing it wrong.

Contrasting the morning, I did have a very pleasant lunch, until that idiot Cosenza saw fit to come sit with us. AGAIN. Now, obviously it’s easy to ignore him since most of the time he just sits there and eavesdrops like the creepy-ass stalker he is, but I think for some deranged reason or another he thinks that us not moving away when he comes to sit with us is our form of “accepting” him. Either way, I still dislike him.

Then he has to go and ruin Science, which is usually loads of fun when we’re in the lab.

Have I ever mentioned I really, strongly disl- nah, I’m gonna say it, I honestly do hate that guy. He is a douchebag-son-of-a-bitch that is going to rot in a hole created by his own self-pity when he realizes that he has no friends and no one likes him because he, as a human being, is about as pleasant as having a cactus shoved up your ass and requiring very, very painful surgery to have it removed. (God, I’ve been wanting to say that for so long…) Sorry if anyone found that image offensive, but I have seriously never had so much anger stirred up at the same time as I’ve been stressed, and clearly the result of that is me being a little loopy.(.. but I did warn you ;))

Anyways, I would like to recount in great detail what happened in Science, because that is exactly what is setting off this rant and probably why people would want to read this now.

So, MK and I were, as per the usual, happily partners, we’d brought everything we’d need, we’d assembled all our equipment, I was happy and excited to be in the lab… until: “All the lab equipment’s taken so I’m joining you guys.” In my head, I’m screaming “FUCK NO, GO AWAY COSENZA.” But considering if I said that out loud with a teacher present I’d probably get in trouble, I said nothing and stuck to my usual plan to ignore him.

Now, my plan was proceeding very well, until he had to go and make a really douche move. See, in the lab, we were playing around with convergent/divergent lenses and screens, and were using candles to get images. Obviously we had to blow out the candles and let them cool every now and then to adjust the position of their platform on the thing that was supporting the lens and stuff.

Now, I’d noticed before that he has this extremely immature, infantile need to blow away any small wisp of smoke, since he was reacting rather violently just to the lighting of the first match… so, what was his douche move? Blow out the candle as hard as he possibly can- WHILE MK WAS STILL HOLDING IT. The result? MK got burning wax on her hand. Of course, that moron doesn’t even notice what he’s done until MK points it out, and then he says this extremely pathetic “Sorry” and MK says “No you’re not” and goes on adjusting stuff (MK, if you’re reading this, I really wanted to high-five you then XD).

I’d just like to point out here and now that when people hurt my friends, even a little, it tends to stir up very, very violent feelings in me…

Oh, and that wasn’t even the beginning of his idiocy. Several times when we’d blown out the candle, in order to dispel all the smoke, Cosenza would wave his arms like some psychopath with no awareness of the fact that there are PEOPLE around him- he came close to hitting MK a few times and almost hit me in the head twice.

And here is the coup de grace: when we were nearing the end of the procedures and needed to write notes on a sheet other than the one with the lab procedures and chart on it, Cosenza notices he didn’t bring any paper to write on. MK had smartly brought two sheets for herself: one for lab notes, one for answering the post-lab questions. And for some absolutely convoluted reason, that guy was bent on getting MK’s paper.

Seeing that he was really annoying her, I decided I should stop being some kind of useless bystander and step in, so I said (this was me trying to have a pleasant tone of voice… it was hard): “If you really need paper, just go ask Mme Souligny to unlock the class and get your own.” MK adds “Or you could ask her if there’s any paper here in the lab.”

And what does the idiot respond? “But I need paper.” THEN GO GET THE FUCKING PAPER.

Me (I was yelling it in my head, anything that’s in brackets was actually what I was saying in my head): “We just gave you (FUCKING) suggestions, take them.”

Moron: “But there’s two sides to the paper…”

MK: “So?”

Me: “Take the suggestions and go. (We don’t give a flying fuck that you have no paper- just go.)”

Moron: “But Mme’s busy.”

Me: “Then wait for her to finish talking and then ask.”

He ended up never taking either of our suggestions. What a fucking douchebag. And then a little later, MK asked me what the difference between “inversé” and “renversé” was, and he says: “I’ll trade you the answer for a piece of paper.” … … >.>

Ooh, and later, he was pulling his typical stunt, asking about other peoples’ projects to boost his lack of a justifiable manly ego and then being nosy and asking why they haven’t gotten something done.

And before I quote, I’d like to point something out: he was so desperate to get information out of MK, I couldn’t even make pleasant conversation and ask her how her English summative went today because he kept being a douche and interrupting.

Moron: “Have you started your Geo summative yet?”

MK: “No.”

Moron: “Why not?”

MK: “Because I’ve been busy with other things like the English summative.”

Moron: “But you’re presenting yours after the weekend.” (He didn’t say exactly that but it was something along the lines of that; I was trying to ask how the presentation went at this point…)

MK: “Uh, no, I presented mine today.”

Conclusion: I hate that guy. I really, really hate him, and to enforce this, I would like to repeat what I said at the beginning: he is a douchebag-son-of-a-bitch that is going to rot in a hole created by his own self-pity when he realizes that he has no friends and no one likes him because he, as a human being, is about as pleasant as having a cactus shoved up your ass and requiring very, very painful surgery to have it removed.

—–Now that I’m feeling better, I will take a more pleasant tone XD—–

Honestly, MK, you have the patience of a saint. Just the seeing Cosenza walking towards at lunch or something is enough to really, really annoy me, I don’t get how you do it XD

Wheeeee, it feels good to blow off that steam, now I don’t get a satisfying feeling when I swear so I guess that means I’m done 😀

    • Stephie
    • May 21st, 2010

    So true; MK, you are VERY kind + patient with him. Like Jess, I have a very hard time keeping my cool when he is there…. cause he ALWAY PISSES ME OFF AND ANNOYS ME ON PURPOSE!!!!!!!! *insert angry face here… XD* Did I tell you guys about my…. /fun/…. History Study Hall with him yesterday? (You were half there MK- listening to your ipod at the side XD)…. I’ll have to tell you sometime Jess XD

    • The infamous MK XD
    • May 21st, 2010

    Ya know, I’m not as patient as you seem to think XD. I did start snapping at him towards the end :P. I’d had a tough day. The reason I don’t find him so bad is because I’ve met worse. In fact, I was in a class where every boy was much worse. For four years. Alex is actually quite polite. Besides- I’m human too. I have no right to judge ;).

    • Player 2
    • May 31st, 2010

    iiiiiiiii know who you’re talking about ;]

    btw, super awesome blog, i may just have to subscribe 😛

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