Good people of the internet, Jess is an idiot

Just thought I’d point that out. Here I am, sitting here at 1 AM, about to START my history IA. Yes, START. Because I am an idiot with no sense of 1) priorities and 2) time-management skills, I have been doing homework (reading French book (in English :D), doing careers summative) since 9 PM. I’d been planning to pull an all-nighter tonight anyways since I knew I wouldn’t get that much work done over the day- I just didn’t think it’d be this little. If I’d known I’d be this screwed I would have skipped the two parties I’d gone to this weekend to work on the IA… dang.
Aaanyways, now is probably a good time to stop distracting myself… ah well, least I’m prepared to make it through the night, been staying up until 3 AM the last two nights and I have a load of candies to keep me alert, and I can sleep during English tomorrow XD
<Edit> I should’ve picked a topic from here. I mean, I wouldn’t plagiarize, I’m not that stupid, but I could’ve at least had good sources and quotes and stuff O.o

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