Rogers is stealing our money

They think they can get away with this, but I’m on to them… YOU HEAR ME, ROGERS?! I’M ON TO YOU AND YOUR SCAMMING CONSPIRACY!

I guess I should explain why I sound like a schizophrenic. See, with our connection with Rogers, our monthly bandwidth limit (for the technologically impaired, that’s how much stuff we can download per month) has been exceeded… by 13 GB. Usually, we’re supposed to get a warning when we’ve taken 75% of the 93 GB or something we’re allowed per month…


So why did we get no warning? Cleeearly because those scammers at Rogers know that we’ll exceed our bandwidth limit if we get no warning, considering we’d probably hit 75% last week… if I’d known that, I wouldn’t have downloaded the 7 GB-big Fallout 3 O.o


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