I dyed my hair black-ish

Yeah, I’m not really sure why, that dye’s been sitting in our bathroom cupboard for about 4 years now and Ted just dyed his hair ginger (does that make him pseudo-ginger? XD), so I figured “what the heck, let’s do something spontaneous.”

Before and after pic:

(Yeah, the before pic’s a little ridiculous looking, I was purposely making a weird smile because someone (don’t remember who) was giving me bunny ears :P)

I dunno, I kind of feel like the darker colour should be my natural hair colour, considering it actually sorta matches my eyebrows XD

Ted said I looked goth-y… pffft XD

Now that I have this milestone of my life recorded in my blog, I can go back to this page in 10 years and be like “Yeah, I dyed my hair when I was 16” and show my kids in 15, 20 years from now and be like “Yeah, I dyed my hair when I was 16” and… where did my train of thought go? O.o

<Edit> Thank you random strangers for the comments! XD It’s good to know people I don’t know think my hair looks nice too ❤

  1. Fabulous – You look fabulous! Especially if you feel fabulous! (I wandered in from wordpress’s latest posts…)

    • Rachel
    • May 29th, 2010

    AWESOME hair!! I really want to do something cool to my hair, but I’m always worried that it’ll turn out horrible. :S

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