I had weird soup in my dream

And according to my mom it’s called “egg drop soup” and it’s real and it’s Chinese… XD

There was a lot more to this dream, but unfortunately I didn’t sleep very well last night and got up at 8 AM on a frickin’ Sunday morning (which is not part of Jess’ routine- EVER XD) so I don’t remember anything but the soup part, which was at the end because I remember waking up thinking it was almost 8 AM just to have a nightmare about getting up late.

Aaaanyways, my soup dream:

I was in a small, gray room with a table in the middle, and I was sitting at the table. There were also 3 other people there, and we were all playing cards (don’t remember which game, probably poker). Suddenly, my brother Ben walks in and gives us all this soup: it’s just chicken broth with eggs, two whole eggs, in it. So I guess the eggs must’ve boiled in the soup because they were semi-boiled when I cracked them open… unfortunately I woke up before I could eat the soup.

You know, yesterday’s dream of mine sort of indirectly and obscurely tied in to an event that happened, maybe today I’ll have soup or something. XD

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