Something on the WordPress home page annoys me.

Well, actually, it’s whenever there’s a “Website X is also available in language Y” somewhere that I get annoyed.

I mean, what’s the point of putting “We’re also available in your language!” if people aren’t even going to understand that sentence. I mean, it’s kinda cool for us bilingual people because then I could just check out WordPress in French for fun, but otherwise, you’re not gonna achieve much by putting a random link that’s labelled “Français” when French people won’t know what it’s for.

Now, obviously I’m just making an example of WordPress since it was the first thing I saw today that reminded me of this, but I get annoyed at other websites too:

  • “ offered in: français”
  • Wikipedia: the “Languages” tab (now usually we can take for granted that it’s easy to find and stuff, but now that it’s a tab and I’m reading some page in Chinese and I click all the tabs looking for the languages one but there aren’t any other languages so in the end I end up trying to read the pathetically translated Chinese off Google translate and… where was I going with this? XD)
  • Any other site with that stupid “Also offered in…” crap

So, uh, WordPress admins, if you’re reading my little rant here, can someone change that “ is also available in Français.” to “ est aussi disponible en Français.”? XD

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