I love my science class XD

I didn’t feel like working on the review today so I decided to doodle in MSPaint on my netbook. This is what happens when I have a really short attention span due to lack of sleep:

As you can tell, I call it “Batman vs. Barney.” It originally was intended to be just Batman and Barney getting ready to duke it out with the beautifully illuminated cityscape of Gotham city, but then it turned into so much more… just as a note, the blood wasn’t my idea XD

I just had a thought: Science class might- no, it IS, the class where some of us become extremely perverted XD Who was it that brought up the game (I just lost the game) where we draw stuff and whoever laughs first has a dirty mind? I blame you πŸ˜›

By the way, I now have a virtual copy of the “happy ovaries” doodle so we will never, ever forget this… I did say I’d never forget it XD

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, I’ll retell most of the science class, but obviously it’s not nearly as funny when I’m telling it than when you’re actually there in the moment and stuff.

So, after answering a whole bunch of questions that had nothing to do with the homework, Mme gave us time to work on the optics review. Aaand since I’m lacking sleep, I didn’t care about the work and made my artistic doodle. Theeen… okay, my mind just blanked out, but somehow what ended up happening is Teah, Siran, myself and Sabeha started doodling in various languages on the back of Sabeha’s homework page.

Theeeen we started playing that game I mentioned up there somewhere and we all started turning perverted and giggly.

Things really were going downhill. Teah even said “No, Sabeha, THE SUITCASE WAS OPEN” which resulted in a great paroxysm of laughter from everyone, and (I’m sorry to ruin this with this unfunny note- I’m going to put all the unfunniness here so you can enjoy the rest of the story) creeper Cosenza for some reason went to sit behind Sabeha and tried pathetically to get involved. Unfortunately last time we’d had an interesting Science class socializing he was eavesdropping on us as well so he knew what we were talking about with “the suitcase was open,” and… well, you know how some people who weren’t technically part of an inside joke think they’re being funny by bringing it up? Yeah, he tried doing that, he was all like “Give me the paper, I wanna write something” and someone asked “What?” and he said “The suitcase was open” and started laughing, and no one else was actually laughing.

Ooh, and then Siran did something I really, really want to high-five her for now: since we didn’t let Cosenza write the suitcase thing, Siran takes the paper and writes “Alex: you only got 50%.” Now, when you read that in a normal state of mind, you’d think she was talking about a test or something, right? Well, what she really meant was… well, just try reading that from a really perverted point of view, it has to do with something boys are supposed to have 2 of that girls do not.


Then someone drew a fish, then Sabeha burst out laughing saying that it looked like ovaries. Then Teah’s like “noooo, this is what ovaries look like” and drew the happy ovaries doodle, minus the happy face. The Sabeha points out “That looks like an alien,” then Teah put a smiley face on the ovaries and someone exclaimed “They look like happy ovaries!” (that seriously made my day XD).

Things slowly became more and more obviously perverted as we kept doodling… Or, more like everyone else was doodling, I was having trouble from laughing so hard. Then came the spe- er, tadpoles. Lots and lots of tadpoles.

Since I’m bored of writing in paragraphs, I will instead write this in script format:

Sabeha: *bursts out laughing*

Teah: That’s a tadpole you pervert!

Everyone: lol

Then Siran drew a “tadpole” on the pre-happy-ovaries-fish, then 2 more, then someone extended the tails and said “They’re party streamers!”

… yeah, did whoever take the paper actually save it and not destroy it? That would be an interesting memory to look back upon one day XD

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