I really should stop playing violent FPS games…

… naaaah XD I guess this dream was more nightmare-ish than dream-ish, but it wasn’t really nightmare-ish until the end (I blame System Shock 2). So, basically, my dream last night was a mix of Fallout 3, Borderlands, System Shock 2 and a little bit of The Conduit.

(I just noticed there’s a “More” tag on this so I’m gonna try it out. Let’s see what it does…)

I started off in this place that looked like a gigantic tower, and the tower was kind of U-shaped. Well, saying I started off in the tower was kind of a lie, I was kind of standing on this platform halfway up the tower on the outside of the tower. So, I crawled in through this window conveniently located right beside my little platform and landed in this big, metallic room.

Inside the room, people were shooting each other – and by people, I mean my dad and Ben shooting guys that looked like those dudes with the gas masks from Fallout 3. After they shot down all the gas mask guys, I took a look around the room:

At was, as I previously mentioned, metallic, with stainless steel walls, flooring and ceiling. Beside the window I came in from there was a bigger, semi-circular window heavily tinted black and with a control panel blocking half of it. In the middle of the room there was a weird-looking thing sticking out of the ceiling which I later figured out was some kind of supercomputer- come to think of it, it looked kind of like GLaDOS from Half-Life 2.

Ooh, and there were tech-y looking space suits housed in clear storage containers on one wall. I could tell dad and Ben had already picked up their own so I grabbed my own… stupid thing didn’t come with any lasers, so my best bet for killing the evil gas mask people was punching them to death >.> But the suit had this really cool HUD and I could get transmissions from Ben and Dad while keeping track of my own and pick out weapons (if I had any XD) whenever I felt like it so it was cool.

Dad, Ben and I left the room, and I guess Dad had laid some explosive charges all over that room because I could hear the supercomputer lamenting about how it was going to die and that we should go on without it as the big stainless steel door shut.

And then, guess what? This particular hallway in the ship looked EXACTLY like the hallway connecting staircases A and D at school (that’s called Wan Way now, right?). Well, there was a slight difference, there were three hallways instead of two, the third cutting right down the middle where the girl’s bathroom and stuff would have been.

So, the super-computer-blowing-up room was located where the math room should have been, and I saw a gas mask guy coming up by staircase D, so I ran, broke his neck a la V.A.T.S* and stole his weapon, some kind of laser handgun that looked suspiciously like the Drudge Warp Pistol out of The Conduit except it was blue and metallic instead of red and… alien-y.

So I started shooting the gas mask guys, since, you know, they were trying to kill us and stuff, then I noticed something really weird going on. On the ceiling directly on top of me, there was this metallic bar that stretched far enough to touch both walls of  the hallway and it had this ominous-looking red light in the center. I looked down the hallway and noticed something rather peculiar:

I could see this red laser-light on the floor at the other end of the hallway, slowly moving towards me. I figured out later that light on the floor indicated the existence of this wall of vaporizing particles or something because I punched out this guy who fell into the laser’s path and just sort of disappeared… I freaked out when I noticed there were these vaporizing-ceiling-things all over the place, one of the beams coming towards me.

I dove into what I thought was staircase A, but I ended up falling into this total other world. It looked a lot like Pandora out of Avatar, actually; really green and forest-y, I was in a clearing with a stream running down the middle and the other half of it was shrouded by really tall grass. I could see some gas mask men patrolling the area, then one noticed me and alerted everyone else and they started shooting at me.

I went on this V.A.T.S. killing spree and managed to break the necks of like 5 or 6 guys in a row (Warp Pistol was out of ammo or something), got headshots on another 20 and then did this super-epic, massive jump to the other side of the clearing and in the middle of the jump I threw a grenade which took out the remaining 8 or 9 gas masks (I’m pretty sure I’d noted to myself during the jump/throw that “I was getting pretty good with this thing”, this thing being the targeting system).

Then I realized I wasn’t getting any signals from Ben or Dad anymore. I was totally, completely alone and horribly lost… (System Shock 2 anyone? :P)

As with all video games, generally you are encouraged to move forward, so for some reason I didn’t try to get back to Dad and Ben were and instead was heading deeper into Pandora. But then I stopped in my tracks when my suit spoke to me and pointed out this big, purple-y-gray skag-like thing (skags being ferocious dog-like creatures from Borderlands) about 10 feet away. Maybe it wasn’t the suit I was becoming schizophrenic due to having no human contact at all, I do turn a little insane when I play SS2 for too long…

Anyways, I took a step forward, and the skag-thing saw me. It roared, charged, then lunged at me… then I woke up XD

*V.A.T.S – The Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System is a thing out of Fallout 3. What happens is combat is frozen for a few seconds and the player has to target and click certain body parts they want to damage in a limited amount of time. And, yeah, for some reason in my dream I actually did click stuff… too many video games XD

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