I pwned IB today.

So I was gonna have a Corona with my dinner (yes, my parents let me drink alcohol- but only because 1) they and I are both responsible enough to know that I am underage but I’m only drinking one bottle every week or so so it’s not enough to get me drunk or anything, and 2) my dad doesn’t trust that non-alcoholic beer we used to buy even though I liked that stuff too), and my parents had both cut limes for themselves already, so I was kind of left with the grosser part left.

You know how when you cut a citrus fruit down the middle starting from that little nub/bulge-thing at the top, it gets that single, vertical split as opposed to the pretty 8 splits? Okay, I’m probably not explaining this right, so here’s a picture (pretty lime on left, my lime on right):

So, yeah, I started complaining about the ugliness of the lime, right?

Well, for some reason this prompts my dad to say this:

“You’re too school smart. Not enough street smart.”

On the spot, I came up with the perfect rebuttal to this:

“You can blame IB for that.”

My dad had nothing to say to that. I felt very fulfilled 😉

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