Chameleons are awesome

Yeah, I think I’ve watched at least 5 hours of Discovery Channel today… but DAAANG, those chameleons are AWESOME!

I mean, just look at the thing’s tongue:

The chameleon is like the sniper of the animal kingdom. Seriously, the chameleon has all the right equipment at its disposal:

  1. Camouflage – chameleons can change colours to suit any situation. Here’s a really, really cool video of a chameleon changing colours. (Okay, I just found out that video’s fake, from the looks of it it takes like 30 seconds for a chameleon just to make its markings appear/disappear… whatever, it’s still awesome XD)
  2. Stealth climbing tools – seriously, chameleon feet are ridiculously awesome. Just look at this up close shot:

    Seriously, look at those feet. Are they not the coolest feet you’ve ever looked at? Oh, and they are useful for climbing trees and stuff – oh, and so’s the tail for counterbalance… but the feet
  3. Surveillance tools – two eyes that swivel all over the place. A brain that can register those two separate images. It’s like having a pair of cameras on the sides of your sunglasses or something.
  4. Long-distance, fast weapon – have you ever seen how fast and far a chameleon’s tongue goes? Here’s a video. Its tongue is like the sniper rifle of tongues, I swear XD
  5. Indisputable accuracy – zOMG, KAMELEONZ ALWAYZ GET HEADSHOTZ ON DUR PRAY!!!11!!!!onehundredeleven!!2!
    (Translation: Chameleons are always catching their prey right in the head.)
    • The infamous MK XD
    • June 6th, 2010

    XD Thats really cool. Is that colour-changing video real? O.o whoaaaa

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