A shower to blog about

I just had the most awkward shower of my life.

Okay, that in itself sounds awkward, but once I explain it’ll sound… well, less awkward XD

See, my dad was tearing apart the kids’ bathroom a few days ago, right? Well, on Saturday he discovered this extremely moldy wood under the flooring near the bath. And I don’t mean moldy like a bit of mold on bread, I’m talking 1/6 of the wood was charcoal black with mold. (I really appreciated that he showed us this right before dinner >.<)

So, yeah, my dad’s been fixing that little area up for the last few days but only figured out today how the water was getting down there to make the wood moldy. So, well, he was asking people to take a shower to test his solution… and for some reason the boys wouldn’t do it, so it came down to me.

Now, obviously I trust my dad and stuff, but it was still really, really awkward having him sit there and watch the wood near the bathtub while I was showering. Thankfully he promptly left when I was done, but… have I mentioned it was awkward? XD

So, yeah, this is an awkward story of my life I felt like chronicling in the blog of Jess. Hope it makes whatever awkward moment you had today seem less awkward compared to my awkward shower story.

I really should find a synonym for awkward.

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