My opinion of INFINITE

(Before I go on about INFINITE, I’d just like to point out the brand new, shiny “Polls” page I just added- check that out sometime XD)

2 posts ago I linked to a 1-minute teaser for an upcoming boyband called “INFINITE.” Well, they just released their first album, “First Invasion,” and this is what I have to say about it:

  1. They’re not bad, but they’re not really good either; I’m just happy I got my wish, nothing Mazeltov-y. However, I’ve already gone through the first 4 songs of the EP and I haven’t really been blown away by anything.
  2. They sound a lot like B2ST/BEAST with different synth tracks – instead of the usual lead/bass synth that most pop songs use today, they’ve got computerized guitars, strings, trumpets and other normally acoustic instrument. I find this kind of interesting since this does set them apart from other groups… sort of.
  3. Their voices aren’t laden with autosync/autosynth/auto-whatever the whole way through – I can appreciate that.
  4. Their English in “Entrust” bugs me – “My lovely GRRR, my lovely GRRR” – when will these silly Korean pop companies understand that if the poor artists can’t pronounce their English lyrics properly (seriously, in 90% of the songs I’ve listened to the word “girl” comes out as “grrr”), don’t make the poor artists humiliate themselves by recording the silly lyrics.
  5. They don’t suck.

Jess’ verdict: I can’t deny that these guys have something, but it really feels like a “been there, done that” kind of something and it doesn’t sound like they’ve gotten any more than 2, maybe 3 years of training. While I wouldn’t discourage you from tuning into their first EP, don’t expect something that’ll blow your socks off.

Jess recommends: Fixed Star – this is the only ballad on the album, and I must admit, it sounds like INFINITE’s getting their DBSK on; their individual and combined vocals are well complimented (complicated? FAIL XD) by the instrumentals and really shine in this song.

I’d like to check if they’ve got any music videos out yet but my internet died while I was typing this… *hovers mouse over “publish” button*

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