eBuddy made me laugh

Well, this would probably go for any iPod/Phone app that has this certain sentence in it, but I noticed this in particular while reading the eBuddy description and I found this funny.

Now, I use the paid *cough*pirated*cough* version of eBuddy so I need to get my updates myself, right? Well, I was browsing my favourite site for IPAs and this one particular sentence in the eBuddy description stood out to me:

“A free edition of eBuddy is also available, which has fewer features and is ad-supported.

Ad-supported. More like ad-loaded, but that’s just my opinion. Now, obviously in retrospect they mean supported as in “we can’t pay to keep this app going so we’ll get other people to do that for us,” but at first ad-supported sounded to me like “there’s the presence of ads, suck it up.”

Who can tell I’m trying to put off studying history? XD

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