Can anyone say “ME-YOW?”

I’m sorry. I’m blown away by the hotness. Can’t use complete sentences.

Putting it simply: new boyband. Called X-Cross. Duo of MODELS. HAAAAAWT MODELS.

I need to oogle at the shirtless scenes again:

For models-turned-idols they’re alarmingly un-suck-ish 😀 Jess likes the blonde. Though the other guy looks pretty hot from the side. Guess Jess should find out what their names are.

I’ve started appreciating the “More” tag. Anyways, I guess I should start using normal sentence structure again.

Did I mention they’re models? 🙂

Okay, getting distracted by the hot model-ness aside, they use a lot of autotune. Strangely, I don’t mind it as much My Luv, but Storm’s a little… well, they could have used less, the moooodeeeel *drools* has some pretty serious rapping skills.

Models or not models, Jess approves. Though they get double-approval for being freaking hot. Did I mention they’re models? Teeehehehehehe :3

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