Can someone explain to me the point of MTV Cribs?

I really don’t get why Ben and Ted can’t stop watching this garbage. This show is a lower form of pointless garbage than South Park, Robot Chicken, Spongebob Squarepants and The Hills. Okay, maybe more like it’s at par with The Hills, considering they’re both lame scripted reality TV shows originating from the disgusting abyss that is modern MTV.

I mean, yeah, it is nice to get a glance into the lives of the good, well-known and reputed celebrities, but that’s just something that would be nice to see with a handful of people. This show has gone from “Hey, come on in, I’ll show you my house” to “Come in and I’ll show the world how much richer I am than the rest of them.”

Well, I can’t deny that I’ve only endured like three full episodes of this show (two of them being Teen Cribs episodes), but hey, everyone has the right to an opinion so you can’t say what I think is wrong.

Every time I see this show, I end up thinking of how much money these people wasted on material belongings that could have been donated to charity or something. I mean, if you don’t need the money, what is the point in investing in crap you don’t need? (Honestly, all the silly people showing off their houses make me think of Paris Hilton. I don’t get why they’re rich or famous, considering I’ve never heard of any of  them, and yet there they are with a house with enough room to house 5 starving/homeless families.)

I can’t help but find it funny what people have to say about this show as well (and yes, these are the real words of people off the internet):

  1. “This show really makes sense.”
  2. “I have a grade for this show and I grade it a A because it’s a very best good perfect show.”
  3. “I love this show for 1 reason. the houses on this show are awsome and big. the houses on this show are awsome and big. the houses on this show are awsome and big…” That sentence was repeated 15 times.
  4. “Who ever thought of this was a complete genius!”
  5. “U need to wwatch this show i am telling you to know!!!!!!!!!”

Now watch as I criticize every one of these opinions (I’m saying “criticize” because technically there’s no such thing as a wrong opinion, I just think these people are horribly misinformed or don’t think outside the TV box enough):

  1. The only reason the show makes sense is because of its ridiculously simplistic principle: camera walks into spoiled rich person’s home, spoiled rich person shows off money possessions.
  2. No, the perfect show would have suspense, comedy, horror, romance, gore, tragedy, science fiction and all those other genres combined into one extremely well-written and elaborate plot. *cough* like Maou *cough*
  3. Much as I hate taking cracks at strangers’ intelligence, this one’s just asking for it. One reason for a 10/10 – and a misspelled reason (I died a little inside) – in a simplistic mantra doesn’t demonstrate that this show is appealing to those with higher IQ levels.
  4. Any idiot person can say “hey, let’s take a camera into someone’s house.” Heck, I’m pretty sure real estate agents thought of this first.

So, yeah, that’s my rant on why I hate MTV Cribs. *waits for a random stranger to walk in and start flaming me*

    • Stephie
    • June 10th, 2010

    Lol, love the post, and your 5 criticims. XD …#3 was how I used to spell ‘awesome’, back in the old day ;P

  1. Nice post, I like the website

    -Mike Boozer,

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