“Lawlfail” moments at the history exam

Sooo, today, history exam. I wasn’t feeling very pumped considering 1) I loathe history with every fiber of my being, 2) I’d only studied for 2 hours.

But this post isn’t about me failing the exam – I’d just like to point out that I had a clue what I was doing so I don’t think I got less than a 65 – it’s about the silly little failures on the part of not-me.

First fail: NOT ENOUGH EXAMS. Seriously, there were like 15 of us that that started 15 minutes late because somebody neglected to count how many people are in all her classes… cough cough.

Second fail: NO RHÉNANIE ON THE MAP. Considering that was kind of the first place (according to what we were taught) Nazi Germany invaded and the Allies were just sorta like “okay, whatever” we sort of needed that marked on the map since there was a question about it.

Third fail: NOT ENOUGH TIME. Seriously, the knuckles on my poor pinkie finger were red from writing so crazily during the last 10 minutes. I’m just happy I did finish, though it was really, really tight.

Third and a half fail: Well, since Steph’s and my class both got row L, we were intent on sitting together right? Well, thankfully row L was mostly empty (but only because there were no exams there >.>) and unfortunately everyone’s least favourite know-it-all-antisocial showed up at the same time as us. So while we’re standing around the desks we intend to sit at and Cote’s explaining the lack of exams, what does he do? Sits at the desk Steph is standing right beside, of course. To quote Levi: “what a stupid boy.”

On a random note, there’s something I’d like to try one day: what would happen if a really, really hungry person swallowed a microphone that was wirelessly connected to an amplifier?

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