Ah, the good ol’ days…

Fiddling around with hexadecimal data and discussing the good ol’ days and telling MK how to use emulators has inspired me to tell the internet about my childhood, back in 2000-2002.

I was 6 when we moved to Halifax in 2000. I never really grew attached to our NES until we’d moved to a place that didn’t have a really scary basement. But once I started getting stuff figured out, I really enjoyed the whopping THREE games we owned for the dear old NES (God rest its soul ;.;): Super Mario, Duck Hunt (I preferred shooting the disks which I thought were pancakes, they didn’t have that annoying dog giggling at you) and Monster Truck Rally.

Monster Truck Rally was probably the least-played game by all of us, because of how clunky the controls were… and to those condescending 20+ year-olds saying “wtf, that game was so easy,” be quiet, I was six years old XD

Duck Hunt was a classic. This must be the game that planted the seed in my mind that would grow into my love of first-person shooters with real peripherals. We had that funky little orange shotgun peripheral, and I don’t think I’ll ever truly understand how that thing worked, but who cares, I loved Duck Hunt ❤

Then there was Super Mario. It actually became a daily thing with my family after a while: right after dinner, we would go downstairs and all take turns playing for an hour. And get this: my mom was better than me at this game. Of course, I was- agh, I’ll stop using the “I was just a little kid” excuse now, if it were her and me playing that game now I’d totally be schooling her XD

Ooh, did I mention I was the one in the family who discovered the Warp Zone in World 1-2? I felt pretty special when we got to skip a few levels. Though none of us ever, ever managed to get to Bowser once.

Note to self: deliver MK’s high-five to mom in the morning.

Now to totally divert from the nostalgia and stuff, I put my hair up in a sort-of double-bun to see what would happen when my hair dries. By double-bun, I mean I put my hair in a bun, but then I had a lot of loose strands sticking out so I brought them together to make a second mini-bun under the first bun. Bun’s a funny word.

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