… I don’t get it.

(Heh, this is my second greed/materialism-related rant this week.)

I thought internet scams were supposed to be like, smart. You know, something decently elaborate and hard to see through, like a phishing scam: you get an e-mail from what looks exactly like, say, an eBay notification saying you forgot to pay for item X, then it takes you to an elaborately-made, fake page with a realistic-looking URL where the greedy a-holes scammers will then ask for all your credit card information so they can blow all your money later…

This particular website puts all internet scams to shame.

Lady, it’s nice that you made a website for your baby and all, but no one’s going to be stupid enough to give money to a family that can clearly afford to have a domain for their baby. “We’ll be sure to tell him how you helped out” – yes, because we’re certain that a toddler will understand that they just received money from a complete stranger from who-knows-where for no particular reason and should feel grateful. Does she really think anyone is going to “donate to the baby fund” of a perfectly well-off family?

Hmmm, let’s look up the definitions of “donate,” maybe that will provide some insight:

  • “Give to a charity or good cause.” wordnetweb.princeton.edu
  • “A donation is a gift given by physical or legal persons, typically for charitable purposes and/or to benefit a cause.” Wikipedia
  • “To make a donation; to give away something of value to support or contribute towards a cause or for the benefit of another.” Wiktionary
  • To contribute to a public or charitable cause.” Mirriam-Webster dictionary

Strange, I still don’t feel as though that website is a charitable cause. MAYBE IT’S BECAUSE REAL PEOPLE HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DONATE TO THAN A CHILD WHO DOESN’T NEED STRANGERS’ MONEY. Let’s list some better places to donate to:

PS: This child has no abnormalities, disorders or something wrong with him at all.

Gah, when I become dictator of the world, I will personally go through every page on the internet and freaking delete every stupid thing I don’t approve of. Not that I’d go that far, that’d be too much work. I’d hire secretaries of the internet to go through stuff and when they find something questionably stupid, ask for my approval. I’m also going to make laws against spelling mistakes and leet/1337 speak, and if someone wants to use certain ways to talk that usually annoy me they’ll have to get a liscence.

Random related side-note: I just found out from a… source, if you can call it that… that the spoiled child’s mother… well, she has an interesting career. I won’t link to her website because 1) it’s kind of rated R so I could get in trouble for linking to pr0nz, and 2) no one wants to be exposed to her sick crap anyways. Anyways, what does this woman do? She makes recordings that supposedly hypnotize people into having an orgasm. That sounds as real as that “Expand your memory with our subliminal messaging!” scam. Actually, the memory thing sounds a little more believable and would definitely be more tolerable. Oh, and apparently her recordings hypnotize you into buying more recordings too (I’m just taking ED’s word for it, I wouldn’t listen to one of those mp3’s even if you paid me). They’re $35 each. Yes, I did this disgusting research to expose this… I’m thinking of calling her a woman but I might be insulting us females by doing so.

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