I learned a valuable lesson today.

Don’t set flies on fire. They smell really bad.

You’re probably wondering how I learned this. You’re probably calling me sadistic, but I don’t care about that part, it was all for the sake of satisfying my strange curiousity.

See, we have an electric fly swatter at home, right? There’s been a lot of flies getting in and out of the house today since my dad left the front door open to dry since he painted it and stuff. So I caught the fly with the fly swatter, and I was curious… I wanted to see what would happen if you kept electrocuting the fly for a while.

Well, for those of you who are curious enough to take my word for it and not try this yourself, here’s what happens: the fly starts smoking and there’s this really, really bad smell that accompanies it. And if you leave it long enough the fly’s insides turn all mushy (I poked it with a toothpick XD).

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