MilStan <3

This (very, very hot) guy has inspired me to dig around and check out Serbian pop… you gotta give him credit, he still sounds great live:

His shirt says Japan πŸ˜€

Anyways, in my search for Serbian artists (ie: looking at all the peoples’ pages on Wikipedia) I’ve found a lot of not MilStan-esque people, but there have been some artists that have caught my eye… or, uh, ear.

That video kind of reminded me of “Music for the People” by V6 for some reason. Another one from Dragan Kekic, this one was a live performance for some contest:

Well, I decided to look up the song contest that MilStan got famous from, and what do you know, I did stumble across a gem:

Those Serbians don’t like their backup dancers wearing lots of clothing, do they? >.> But I digress.

From the same show, this guy won the season MilStan had participated in, and I find his eyebrows very entertaining. His voice too. But his eyebrows are so like, dynamic and stuff… I’m perfectly normal XD

Looking for some female artists, I stumbled upon Stojanka Novakovic, a.k.a “Stoja”

I LOVE this song’s style. It’s rock-y, upbeat, the percussion is infectious, it has a random violin and that word in the chorus that sounds like prostitute is “oprosticu” for those who heard it weird like I did.

I guess I should be finding out what the lyrics to half these songs mean before I post them. Ah well.

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