Top 7… a day late

Geez, I was right last week when I said I should work out a schedule for these O.o Aaanyways, since I did 7 last week when there were 6 days, I’ll only do 7 this week since it adds up and stuff:

  1. Nowhere – Yuki Kajiura. (<- That’s the live version, it still rocks :D) This song is pretty frickin’ awesome. Then again, most anime themes are, but this one’s special. I’d like to capture in words how awesome the dueling vocals in the chorus are but I don’t think I’d be doing the song any justice, so listen to it.
  2. I Wanna be a Rockstar – Lee Seung-Hwan featuring a bunch of people whose names I can’t romanize. I can’t believe Lee Seung-Hwan’s 44 years old, he sounds so much younger O.o
  3. HuH – 4minute. Dreams do Come True (that’s a reference to the title of a 4minute song that I liked the style of, thank God they sort of pushed away from the overload of of autotune, you can almost hear HyunA’s voice now XD), I like the pep and message in this song.
    … I might’ve spoken too soon with the autotune thing, I just listened to “I My Me Mine”… it almost sounds bad there’s so much autotune. How the heck are they gonna perform this live? And “Bababa” sounds exactly like Won’t Give from the last mini-album, Highlight’s got just as much autotune as I My Me Mine, the only song where you hear some discernible talent is the final track and only ballad, Cool and Natural. Seriously ladies, when a group debuts they have an excuse to use autotune to come up with some annoyingly catchy song, but come on, we need to see some real vocal talent after 3 singles and a mini-album.
  4. Dunk Shoot – Jo Kwon & Whale. This was a Lee Seung-Hwan single originally, he asked Jo Kwon of 2AM and Whale of W & Whale to cover the song. I don’t understand what they’re saying most of the time and thankfully a fair amount of the chorus is gibberish anyways XD
  5. Come Back – Infinite. I keep forgetting how this song goes but I like it all the same.
  6. Four Chord Song – Axis of Awesome. Credits to MK for showing me this, I’m gonna laugh and think “I’M A BIRDPLANE!” every time I hear Superman now XD
  7. My Luv – X-Cross. Bwehehe, mooooodels… *drools* Needs more shots of those sexy aaaabs… *drools some more* Oh, yeah, they do have vocal talent and rapping talent.

On a random sidenote, I’ve decided I’m gonna do a review of an iPod app every Saturday for the heck of it too. Or maybe a video game every Saturday. I dunno, I’ll work that out eventually XD

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