Quotes from the agenda of Jess: 2009-2010

Over the school year, I picked up a little habit of writing down things teachers and classmates said that often made everyone erupt in laughter. Since I have a feeling I might go crazy and rip my agenda apart once I’m done ripping up (and if I’m lucky, burning) all the history work, I’m going to record every miscellaneous thing I wrote in my agenda over the year here:

September 21-27
N2S: did somebody say whales?

Friday, October 2nd: Civics PowerPoint
Monday, October 26th: Civics PowerPoint
Friday, October 30th: Civics PowerPoint
Thursday, November 5th: Civics PowerPoint
Wednesday, January 13th: Civics PowerPoint (Yeah, third-last class, I finally did it XD)

October 5-11
Humpty Dumpty in German = Humplekin Bumplekin *look up splng later*
“Gravitation cannot be held responsible for falling in love.”

October 12-18
Principal pies teacher. (Mrs Lyon was so awesome XD)
Mme Rheaume rants about horses and romance (2 people in my French class happened to go to the same riding school… yeah XD)
CV Friday show: guy beatboxes at macaw, tries to get little kid to say “you’re watching the Friday show,” kid picks nose instead

Thursday, November 5th: IT SNOWED

November 16-22
“Line as wide as yo momma”

  • kill world leaders, become heroes amidst the chaos
  • bribe world leaders
  • buy the world
  • Geass
  • force (the Force? O.o)
  • propaganda
  • turn citizens into mindless drones by making them listen to Auclair’s lessons

December 7-13
“It’s not so hard.” “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!”
Left bound-right bound
Spent Math class saying stuff like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

December 16: French teacher calls us weird.

December 14-20
English: someone traded cell/iPod for Twelfth Night copy
Civics: Mr. Parsons wraps Corey’s iPod in a whole roll of duct tape
Math: late, 5 levels of pushups and David has to do them all XD

Monday, December 21st: “Holiday Break Stands.” So when it’s over, does it sit?

Tuesday, December 22nd: THERE ARE NO SKUNKS IN EUROPE

Wednesday, January 6th:

Friday, January 8th: VCR players still exist o.o

Tuesday, January 12th: *prank – best 5 minutes of math EVER * (This was the time we all pretended there was a test when there wasn’t, right?)

Wednesday, January 13th: Potpourri = rotten pot

January 11-17
Silly boys and their Chuck Norris obsessions. He’s not funny anymore >.> (True ‘dat, past self)
Watched weird movie in French, teacher in it looked like John Lennon

Monday, January 18th: “Reasons for prohibition?” “Uh… Drunk driving?”

Thursday, January 28th: Spent history class dissing Americans, learned in science we could have carbon molecules from Kurt Cobain inside us

Thursday, February 4th: “Since it’s Angus’ b-day, I put his name in 16 times.” (This was when we were picking names for who would go for speeches, I was first and he ended up either second or third XD)
“Some people like wine, others traveling; I like making students suffer *evil grin*” (I love Mme Rheaume’s classes XD)

Monday, March 1st: Had a mystery vote in history class… I voted for Nazis.
Math: “It’s too bad Evil Lelouch Kid had to die, he would have made an interesting best man.” (Nice one MK XD)

Friday, April 16th: CATS ARE NOT SALVAGEABLE (Rheaume quote ;))

April 26-May 2
Charlie Chaplin (dunno who that is or why I wrote his name down…)

May: Top of the World – skate shop with crazy socks

Friday, May 7th: Science class – Sabeha randomly asks what the f-word is in French, Mme Souligny gives a very long, detailed description about why the word is what it is (… awkward XD)

May 31-June 6
Twilight: One girl’s choice between bestiality and necrophilia
“Ne me le donne pas; don’t give it to me.” “HERPES!” (Teah, your random outburst shall never be forgotten XD)

Alright, now that the strange, random words in my agenda have been immortalized (I can’t believe I wrote “the game” in there…) I’m gonna have lunch. Even though it’s 3 PM. Guess I should’ve eaten and then wrote this 😛

    • Stephie
    • June 17th, 2010

    Love looking back on good times, eh?! I recognized/remembered a bunch of stuff! And to you and MK: IT’S NATSUME! D: …. ❤ ;P

    • The infamous MK XD
    • June 19th, 2010

    ELK! XD I remember that. We still need to make a t-shirt of that doodle XD.

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