Random Review of the Week: Masamixes.com


All I have to say is: WHY DIDN’T I FIND THIS GUY SOONER?!

This guy’s K-pop remixes are nothing short of satisfying for anyone remotely interested in K-pop. I stumbled upon his “Girl Power” mix (combination of11 songs by 9 artists) and thought “DUUUUUDE.” I was kind of at a loss for any words besides that so I clicked the link to download it. You too can be exposed to the awesomeness here.

So I’ve been to Masa’s site, and so far I’ve liked… well, pretty much everything. I honestly don’t have anything bad to say about this guy’s remixes. They’re smooth, they work, and the overall quality of everything is just awesome. I find it so cool how this guy takes popular English and Korean songs, combines them, and manages to increase their appeal exponentially.

If I were to make a very I.B. metaphor of this: it’s like taking x and multiplying it by y, but y has the same value as x, so in the end you get x squared.

Jess recommends:

I Won’t Say I’m Your Girlfriend – SNSD Remix with “I Won’t Say I’m In Love” video from Hercules. I Won’t Say I’m In Love was one of my favourite songs from when I was in kindergarten and I still remember most of the lyrics and I still love it. I really like how Girlfriend actually fits this.

Sorry, Smells like Easy Ding Dong – U-KISS, SHINee, Super Junior and Nirvana. The title made me laugh, but the song left me gaping in amazement. Mixing the anthem of grunge with 3 of the catchiest K-pop hits? Dude, this WORKS.

Smooth Criminal is Coming – Rain and Michael Jackson. King of Pop + King of K-pop = King of Pop squared times K? XD

Lolliphone – Big Bang and Lady GaGa. Usually I’m not a fan of Big Bang and the original Lollipop honestly scares me, but this works for me 😛

Jess’ verdict: 5 bottles of Awesomesauce.

On a random and completely unrelated note: beer and cake don’t go together very well.

    • Stephie
    • June 20th, 2010

    1 word… AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

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