Why did it take me 3 years to hear this?

I know Super Freak. And I know U Can’t Touch This. Why did I not see that U Can’t Touch This uses the instrumentals from Super Freak?

Oh, for those who aren’t familiar with these older songs (though I’m pretty sure everyone knows U Can’t Touch This), Super Freak is a song by this guy called Rick James. I first heard it on Saturday Night Live, and… actually, there’s an interesting story behind this song.

If you haven’t looked up the song yet, the only line in the chorus is “Super Freak! Super Freak! She’s super freaky, yea-oh!” Anyways, the story: Around 3 years ago, during the summer, Super Freak just happened to be playing on 93.9 BOB FM as my dad, brothers and I were on our way to the driving range to pulverize some golf balls, right? We were driving by what used to be the Canadian Tire (now it’s a Goodlife Fitness center XD) when we stopped at a red light.

AS IF ON CUE, these two really freaky-looking goth girls walk by. We couldn’t stop laughing the whole way to the driving range.

Anyways, if you wanna hear what I heard, here are the videos for Super Freak and U Can’t Touch This:

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