Blogging PBR: Episode 2

Yeah, I think I’m gonna tell more Pokemon Wifi stories, since I’m cool like that.

It’s not that I like rubbing in the fact that I’m super-pro a nerd of the second-highest order (highest/lowest being a basement dweller XD), it’s just that the people I meet on Wifi amuse me because 95% of them don’t have a freaking clue about ANYTHING in Pokemon besides “use strong moves, strong moves beat everything.” That’s a ridiculously stupid philosophy considering how far I can get with one technique and not ridiculously uber Pokemon versus an entire team of brute-force-users.

Battle 1: Double Battle

Aether (Zapdos), Thalassa (Ludicolo), Oceanus (Kingdra), Pontus (Palkia)


Palkia, Dialga, Rayquaza, Lugia

Just seeing this guy’s pass made me gag. I instantly thought “Oh what the crap is with these little kids and their hacked legendaries.” But that’s okay because in spite of making a massive mistake, I still managed to own him. Since I was too caught up in the moment I don’t have a turn-by-turn anecdote, just a summary:

My mistake: I meant to send out Oceanus first, not Thalassa. That ended up being sort of okay because Thalassa still did some damage before the guy’s cheap team took her down and Oceanus probably wouldn’t have survived as long as he did if I’d sent him out first.

I’ve noticed I’ve developed this habit of leaving Dialga and killing everything else… probably because the idiots who use all legendaries are stupid enough to use Roar of Time when it most conveniences me.

Why do I say this? Because on the second-last turn, he used Roar of Time to take down Oceanus. This pretty much gave Pontus a free and easy ticket in. A single, Lustrous Orb/Rain Dance-boosted Aqua Tail was all it took to finish Dialga off, who was not only a sitting duck because of RoT’s cooldown turn, its HP had been whittled away by Thalassa’s Ice Punches and Aether’s Thunders.

Opponent’s lulzy mistake: Palkia used Blizzard and it froze Thalassa. Dialga used Fire Blast on Thalassa. Thalassa thawed because of Fire Blast and still had about 2/5 HP left after Life Orb damage.

Battle 2: Single Battle

Aether, Thalassa, Pontus


Entei, Feraligatr, Raikou

Well, I could respect this guy for not having ridiculously powerful legendaries like Dialga, Arceus and/or Darkrai… but he still wasn’t a smart battler.

So, as per my technique, I send in Aether first and use Rain Dance. What does this guy do? Gets his Entei to use Overheat. I love how I can always easily screw with fire-types since they’re led into thinking “whatever, it’s just electric, take it out with move X and move on” but then Rain Dance reduces all fire attacks’ power by 50% so in the end they just sorta scratch Aether.

Anyways, next turn proved to me the kid didn’t know his type advantages. After I nearly took out Entei with a single Thunder, he used Iron Tail. Looking at Entei’s moveset now, I guess I can understand why he did that because with Entei’s moveset he was basically screwed no matter what he did: Overheat, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Iron Tail. So it’s either 50% damage reduction due to rain or 50% damage reduction due to type disadvantage.

But there is one thing this guy could’ve done, which makes me realize how much smarter I am now than the me last year who just kept fighting to the end: he could’ve easily switched out Entei for Raikou, since my second Thunder was predictable, and Raikou wouldn’t get hurt too much and could hurt me back with its own Thunder. Not that it would have mattered in the long run since Entei would’ve been murdered by Pontus.

Then he makes another stupid move: instead of sending out Raikou to take advantage of my rain and his Thunder, he sends out FERALIGATR.


So after decimating Feraligatr, out (finally) comes Raikou. Well, we had a Thunder-abusing battle for a while, I lucked out and ended up paralyzing Raikou just to end up suffering the same fate the next turn. Well, after I got bored of trying to stall out his Thunders with my Roosts, I decided to send out Thalassa to finish the job. One Seed Bomb was all it took.

I like ranting about how stupid people can be in public. I hope my pulverizing them taught them a lesson. I really should join a pro tournament sometime, then I’d get to actually think and stuff.

    • The infamous MK XD
    • June 22nd, 2010

    XD congrats on winning. See, all you have to do is think like Lelouch :P.

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