Random Review of the Week: Campbell’s (Instant) Hearty Noodles

(Don’t worry, I won’t forget to write the top 7 today XD)

My immediate thoughts: these are the crappiest instant noodles I have ever tasted. Maybe there would be a difference if I used the pour-boiling-water-into-the-cup method instead of the microwaving it. Well, here are reasons why these are the crappiest instant noodles I’ve ever eaten:

  1. The noodles are awful. After cooking, I left them for 3 minutes, they were still dry. I’m leaving them for an additional 5-10 minutes as I type this. They’re still not getting any better. The texture is just so… unnoodley.
  2. What the crap is up with the carrots? I mean, it makes sense to use dehydrated carrots in this since we’re adding water and stuff, but dude, the carrots don’t absorb any water at all. (Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a lie, they have absorbed a little but they feel like the noodles.) So, so far we’ve got crappy, eternally dry-textured noodles and some orange dehydrated crap.
  3. The herbs in this really seem like a last-ditch effort to get some real flavour into this.

Well, they do have some noteworthy qualities: they are easy to make anywhere with a microwave and the herbs do have this nice aftertaste so if you drink water after it tastes kinda like chicken broth.

Jess recommends:

Go buy Mr. Noodles instead. Mr. Noodles dominates the instant noodle industry in Canada for a good reason: they don’t taste like crap, the texture’s right and they’re just as easy to make even if you do have to use the stove top instead of a microwave.

Jess’ verdict: 2 bottles of awesomesauce.

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