Ballad-Themed Top 7

Yeah, I decided I’d try going for a theme this week, so I’m forcing myself to endure some ballads for the sake of… wait, why am I doing this? XD

  1. Love in the Ice – DBSK. I don’t know why I left this undownloaded, then unlistened-to for so friggin’ long O.O It’s… well, I can’t find any word that could possibly capture the beauty and perfection of this song. DBSK’s vocals sound so beautifully perfect in this… did I mention this song is beautiful and perfect? God, I love Hero’s voice… *wipes tear off cheek*
  2. Boy Meets Girl – FT Island. It’s an FT Island song, therefore it must be awesome, and it is. The translated lyrics are so beautiful too.
  3. I Will Forget You/Teardrops in the Rain – C.N. Blue. Well, it has taken me… a month? Whatever, I finally found the Korean version of TitR and I love it just as much ❤
  4. Saying I Love You – Wondergirls. Listening to the intro of 2 Different Tears made me long for some of the good old stuff, so I dug around my iTunes and remembered how awesome this ballad was. They should’ve promoted it more, it’s so deep… not to mention it was written by one of their members. Props to Ye-eun 😀
  5. Fixed Star – Infinite. This was the song that immediately blew me away when Infinite released their EP, so if you’re going to try to get someone into Infinite, use this song. Even though this song sounds suspiciously similar to #6, I’ve gotta confess, they’re really starting to grow on me.
  6. Once in a Lifetime – Shinhwa. It’s too bad Shinhwa’s still not around, they really do have wonderful vocals together :/
  7. Why I Like You – Super Junior. Okay, maybe it’s not as ballad-y, but what do you expect, this is SuJu XD

Honourable mention goes to C.N. Blue’s “Black Flower,” since it’s not a ballad I couldn’t add it to the list 😦 But it’s an awesome song so I gotta sneak it in somehow XD

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