The Dream of the Night of 28/06/10

I’m pretty sure this was two dreams, but since I don’t remember most of the first one, I’m squishing them together.

I was sitting on the floor in the living room at home, playing President with Ben and some weirdo who kept hitting on me and it was really creeping me out. I was looking through my hand, and it actually was sort of decent, I remember a 3, 4, 4 Jacks, a 2 and a Joker. The weird guy thought he was bum at first, but then remembered he was neutral and made a little too much effort to remind everyone he was. Of course, being bum, I had to give Ben my Joker, so I did, and I put my hand down as I did for some reason. I picked my hand up again and suddenly it’s ridiculously godly, my lowest cards were my quad-Jacks and I had four Jokers. Ben made a funny face when he picked up my Joker and then gave it back to me.

I don’t remember much of the round, I remember Ben played three jokers and I got up (probably because the creepy guy had hit on me for the last time) and randomly left.

The details of this part are a little sketchy so I don’t really remember everything in perfect order, everything’s just sorta coming back to me now but not like it matters since none of you people would’ve had this dream XD

I started hitch-hiking to nowhere for some reason, and after a while came to this rural village. (If I were normal, this would’ve been a normal village, but of course, my subconscious is nowhere near normal.) Lining the sides of every street in this village were carved pumpkins and squashes with all these funky, unique faces. I gaped at them, then whoever I was mooching the ride from kept going, away from the village. After driving past a few more fields we came to this area with lots of big hills, and so I got off there.

I wandered the hills for a while, getting totally lost in the process. Then I found a stream, so I followed the stream and found these people standing on the edge of a really, really big and long waterfall. I asked someone what they were doing and they answered “Racing!” I looked down the waterfall, and there were these neon orange and yellow, magically floating pylons at 25 meters, 50 and 75. I asked some big man who looked like a coach if I could join, he said yes, and explained to me how to properly dive off the waterfall.

I swear, racing down the waterfall felt like something out of Mario Kart. And being super-awesome at Mario Kart, of course I didn’t lose. Alas, as with every waterfall, it has to end with a lake or river or something so I ended up floating away.

I washed up on the riverbed who knows how far away, and I could see I was in a forest again. I got out of the river and followed it for a bit, I ended up finding some knight’s stuff that was lying around and fit me perfectly. So I got armor, a sword and a pretty black and white horse. I rode the horse along the river and then came to this castle. I hitched up my horse and walked in to the castle.

The king, seeing me in armor and assuming I was a knight (maybe the fact that I was female didn’t matter in this kingdom or something), came and pleaded with me to free his daughter, who was cursed by this ring. I was led to the dungeon where the princess was sealed inside… and she was totally fine. I think.

Either way, the king was paying me to separate the ring from his daughter, but for some reason she refused to give me the ring so I had to take it with force.

Random revelation as I type this: HOLY CRAP THIS MUST BE THE ONE RING.

So I took the ring, and suddenly everyone was against me, thinking I was some evil person. I ran out of the castle (more like I was chased XD) and got back to my horse. But my horse didn’t like me anymore either and ran off when I unhitched him/her. So, totally alone, I went back to the forest to find my river.

Right when I’d found the river, I saw a random bloody knight running for his life. He tripped and fell, and I saw what he was running from: these three strange knights carrying chess pieces the size of tiki idols. I jumped into a bush and the chess-knights went by. I went up to see if the bloody knight was okay, and what does he do? ATTACKS ME.

Apparently now I’m a wanted criminal. So, I had no choice, I killed the knight, and started running, still following the river. I came across this garden, and another knight on a horse came and attacked me. I did this super epic wall-jump and landed a perfect kick right to the guy’s head, making him fall off his horse. I finished him off and turned my attention to the horse. The horse reared, and the last thing I saw before I woke up was a hoof.

    • MK
    • June 29th, 2010

    XD That was an interesting dream. 😛 I wish my dreams were interesting.

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