100th post!

To celebrate this milestone, I will… do something. Maybe. I just realized I still haven’t updated my 5-minute cake post with pics, maybe I should do that sometime soon. In the meantime, I will record what I remember from my dream last night, this one was nearly as awesome as the one with the dinosaur and laser pointer XD

So I was at this shiny and fancy hotel with my family and everyone on both my mom’s and dad’s sides of the fam. Of course, all the hotels in my dreams have something suspicious in them, from strange basements leading to the underworld to secret passageways a claustrophobic wouldn’t dare enter, this one combined a few of my worst fears into one horrible, horrible contraption.

Everyone was taking their stuff up to their rooms. For some reason I was last (typical thing I hate about my dreams, somehow everything tends to be faster than me), so I missed the elevator my family took. Lucky for me, the elevator right beside happened to be going up, so I caught that one. I stepped in, it was empty. As the door was closing, I thought I saw some guy with a suitcase call out “Hold the door!”, so I pressed that door-opening button that looks like this (<|>), but then for some reason the guy didn’t come on. Then I figured out why. While the door was still open, the elevator started moving up.

So, let the freaking out commence. Oh, but it doesn’t stop there. This elevator wasn’t a typical up-and-down thing, it was like something out of Willy Wonka: it was moving sideways, rotating, and it was scaring the heck out of me. Let’s see how many fears of mine this elevator took advantage of:

  1. Claustrophobia.
  2. Fear of complete isolation.
  3. Fear of being on broken contraptions. (You have no idea how many nightmares I’ve had where I’ve been to amusement parks with malfunctioning rides that nearly kill me but by some miracle I still hold on >.< Weird considering I’m never afraid of that happening when I’m at, say, Canada’s Wonderland :P)

Well, after my freaky elevator ride of death, I managed to find the room. I dropped off my stuff with the rest of the family and went out into the hallway, where my cousins Miriam and Carolyn were out for some reason. We decided to go out for a walk, and we took the stairs to get out, and we walked around until we found this one strip mall that intrigued us.

For some reason this one store was changing signs every few minutes. When we first saw it, it was a dollar store. We looked at it again and it was a pizzeria. Well, we were intrigued, so we went into the ever-changing store, not knowing what awaited us on the inside.

When we got inside, we actually had to go through a small hallway and another door first before getting in.

Okay, when we actually did get in, the place wasn’t a pizzeria, it was a library. I turned around and noticed the door we came in through wasn’t really a door, it was a secret passage behind a mirror. I felt a little nervous since this place had thin walls that would move every now and then, like those staircases at Hogwarts. Well, we started browsing the books they had, when I noticed one of the walls was moving. It wasn’t the fact that the wall was moving that made me scared, it was what was waiting behind the wall that freaked me out.

I pointed and screamed “ZOMBIE LIBRARIAN!” and started running for the door when I noticed there was a sword in the hand I’d just used to point at the zombie. Well, when life gives you swords, use them to stab zombies in the head. But there were more zombies were that came from.

Suddenly Mim and Carolyn had weapons as well, so we were shooting/stabbing/blowing up zombies for a while. Then Mim started throwing incendiary grenades and told Carolyn and I to get out. So Carolyn crashed through the mirror/door we’d come through, Mim following and throwing more grenades, I was bring up the rear, shooting anything that followed us because for some reason my sword had turned into a shotgun.

We were coming through the hallway to get out when I noticed something was following us, so I turned around and was about to shoot when I stopped myself and said “Hey, you’re living.” This little girl had caught up with us, guess she must’ve been trapped in the library of doom or something.

So the four of us got out in time as the incendiary grenades went off. Last thing I remember before I wake up: this epic fire bursting out of the front door and the moans of zombies being burned alive… kekeke…

    • MK
    • July 3rd, 2010

    You destroyed a library?! 😥

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