Saturday Review: D’Arcy McGee’s

This is a modest little Irish pub hidden behind a few stores on Centrum. We stopped by there for the first time on Mother’s Day since my mom was intrigued, but she said if there wasn’t anything that appealed to the kids *cough* which didn’t include me *cough*, we’d go to East Side Mario’s. Thankfully, there were menus posted on the outside, so when we saw stuff everyone would like, we went in.


I’ve never been to an Irish pub before, the closest thing being bars & grills, and while this place doesn’t have any more atmosphere than you’d find in any typical bar & grill here, the food is so, so much better.

Since it was Mother’s Day, mom agreed to start off with an appetizer – “Blarney chips.” Sounds so Irish. Man, that stuff made me totally forget about that delicious 4-cheese spinach dip at… wherever that place we got that stuff is. Since I’m pretty sure no one’s ever heard of Blarney chips, I’ll explain what they are:

Waffle-cut potatoes (I found that so funky), not sure how they were cooked but they tasted very french fry-ish, sans the salt overload. The potatoes are loaded with cheese (I don’t remember if it was processed or not, but whatever, it tasted great), diced tomatoes, green onions and jalapeno peppers (which sort of freaked me out so I picked them off). On their own, the Blarney chips were pretty yummy, but they also came with a side cup of salsa and some other stuff, think it was sour cream. In the salsa they actually kinda tasted like nachos, except without the mouth-drying saltiness, and there were green onions and extra tomatoes. If you ever go to D’Arcy McGee’s, I definitely recommend the funky-named chips as an appetizer.

There was a lot of funny-sounding and mouth-watering dishes on the menu, my eyes popped when I saw shepherd’s pie. Everyone should know how much I love shepherd’s pie, considering it prompted me to write a haiku. We didn’t have to wait too long for our food, which was great, since I was still in heaven after having those yummy Blarney chips.

If you happen to have checked out the menu on the D’Arcy McGee’s website, you might have noticed the kind of high prices. I have a feeling they’re that high because of how ridiculously high-quality the meat they use is. Seriously, my shepherd’s pie was laden with possibly the greatest ground beef I have ever eaten. Not to mention the vegetables were really yummy. They must’ve cooked them with the meat or something because they had a meaty side-flavour, if you know what I mean. How good were these vegetables? So good that I actually ate the broccoli. Normally I loathe broccoli with every fiber of my stomach, but this broccoli didn’t suck.

After dinner, we managed to coerce mom into getting desserts, so we each got chocolate volcano cakes. $6 per little cake might seem like a stretch since you could probably only share this among 2, maybe 3 people at most, but these cakes were special. My family’s been turned off by chocolate volcano cakes for a while since most restaurants just take some frozen, pre-made cake, don’t reheat it all the way and put crappy liquid chocolate in the center. But, agh, my mouth waters remembering just how perfect this cake was – it was equally warm all around, and the “lava” in the center was actually really, really good melted chocolate. And, oh, it smelled so deliciously fresh when our waitress came by with the cakes… sorry chocolate volcano cakes, it’s so hard to capture your succulent-ness in words. Forgive me.

Jess’ verdict: If I could give this place 6 bottles of awesomesauce, I would, but my scale goes up to five (and maybe I’d take a half-bottle off for high prices anyways which brings it to five-and-a-half), so five bottles of awesomesauce for D’Arcy McGee’s.

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I really shouldn’t be writing reviews of restaurants at nearly midnight, now I’m hungry XD

    • The infamous MK XD
    • July 4th, 2010

    You’ve never been to an Irish pub before? O.o

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