I’ve discovered possible meme material.

For those of you who don’t know what a meme is, it’s kind of like an internet inside joke. If you don’t know the origin of the joke, it’s not really funny. I’m honestly not sure how the word’s pronounced, when I first saw it I thought of “même” so that’s how I pronounce it in my head, according to Wikipedia it’s pronounced “meeeem” but I think that sounds stupid.

Anyways, some examples of memes to further your understanding:

Longcat – I have no clue where the heck this cat came from, or what makes him so funny. Well, I find him funny because he’s freaking everywhere and it sort of looks funny when out of the blue you find this cat:

Over 9000 – this one spawned from a translation error in the DBZ anime. Some dude was measuring Goku’s power level or something and when asked, stated it was actually “over 8000” before being blown up. However, in the English anime for some reason the silly translators couldn’t tell the difference between hassen and kyu-sen, and thus, a meme was born. Example of usage: “How many sugar cubes do you want in your tea?” “OVER 9000!”

Chuck Norris – I really don’t get why people are still cracking Chuck Norris jokes nowadays, they got old nearly 2 years ago.

Now those are all very, very old memes, so if you go around saying them you will promptly dismissed as unfunny.

Anyways, a little something I dug up:

I was watching watching the trailer for B.E.G. Narsha’s first solo single, Bbi Ri Bba Bba. It’s really random and weird, but pretty interesting. Apparently people were comparing Narsha to Lady GaGa, prompting a user to reply:

“gosh.. people here talking about gaga AGAIN!
did gaga invented woods? did gaga invented gothic clothes?
did gaga invented cliff? did gaga invented music video?
did gaga invented dance? did gaga invented electro music?
did gaga invented dying hair? did gaga invented cross?

every fawking video and song that any female singer does,
SHUT THE FAWK UP!! theres no gaga here anyway. gosh these stupid people !”

(See it for yourself here.) My proposal for a meme: “did gaga invented _______?” Maybe a Photoshopped picture to go with it. But I’m too lazy to come up with something.

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