Geez, was I in a box the last few weeks?

I had the sudden incentive today to look up a live version of 4minute’s “HuH” on Youtube. I’m not really sure why I didn’t do this before, but HOLY CRAP. I thought they’d traded off their youngest member for a rapper… but she is a rapper now.

Honestly, when I saw this, first I felt surprise, then relief. More rapping parts for Sohyun means a little less for Hyuna… no offense to any stranger Hyuna fan who wanders and sees this.

To be frank, Hyuna’s voice kind of really annoys me live… and recorded. If it’s a studio recording, her voice is so, so synthesized it sounds like she has some bad cold. In the only song I’ve heard so far where she hasn’t been processed to the point of sounding robot-y (Wasteful Tears – Navi feat. Hyuna is the closest I’ve found)… well, she kinda sounds… not good. If she’s live, she just sounds a little too girl-ish for me, I prefer female rappers with more womanly voices (WHOOT KIM YUBIN \o/).

I actually really like this change for Sohyun. I found her vocal ability before kinda lacked a little something-something, but as a rapper she’s definitely got a lot more stage presence and charisma… well, maybe that’s just me. But seriously, just re-watch that first part where she goes “Work it, work it, work it out.” That chick’s got attitude. Compare this to the smiling, always off-to-the-side Sohyun we saw in Muzik. BIG. CHANGE. Did I mention I like the change? XD

PS: I’m too lazy to do a review this week. Though this is sorta review-y.

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